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Organizational Behavior Management offers interactive tutorials, training materials, courses, resources, and information that enable people to learn and apply behavioral principles and techniques to solve real-life problems.

The tutorials are created using the educational technology of interactive Programmed Instruction (PI). You can learn more about PI by working through the brief tutorial called What Is PI? located on the samples page where you can also test drive the first few tutorials included within each course.

Solutions to Behavioral Problems

Basic Principles of Behavior Modification

Basic Principles of Principles of Behavior Modification Course (basic bmod)
This course consists of self-paced interactive tutorials that teach basic principles and techniques of behavior modification, including Modeling, Positive Reinforcement, Time Out, Punishment, Token Economy, and more. The tutorials focus on applying techniques to deal with typical behavioral problems of children and youth in "real-world" situations, especialy home, school, and social program environments. This course is excellent for educators, parents, coaches, social workers, or anyone responsible for supervising, rehabilitating, managing, or changing the behavior of kids.

Behavior Modification Training Package Behavior Modification Training Package (bmod trainer)
Have people in need of hands-on training in behavior modification? This package includes a comprehensive set of materials that enable you to conduct and deliver effective training sessions to teach others basic principles and techniques of behavior modification. The materials incorporate Choral Responding, Guided Notes, Response Card, and exercises designed to increase Active Student Responding. This packages includes lesson plans, PowerPoint slides, guided notes, handouts, response cards, tests, and activities.
PI Course Programmed Instruction Course (pi course)
Learn how to create your own tutorials and training programs. The PI Course includes a series of interactive, self-paced, on-line tutorials that teach learning principles and instructional design techniques necessary for creating effective computer-based tutorials and training programs. Included is a program that you can install on your server and easily deliver your own web-based interactive tutorials.
Review of Applied Behavior Analysis textbook by Cooper, Heron, and Heward

Review of Applied Behavior Analysis textbook by Cooper, Heron, and Heward (aba review)
This review consists of key terms, study questions, chapter review quizzes, multiple-choice exam items, flash cards, and other materials for chapters within the textbook titled Applied Behavior Analysis by John O. Cooper, Timothy E. Heron, and William L. Heward (2007), Prentice Hall, 2nd Edition. This textbook is regarded as the most comprehensive introduction to the field of applied behavior analysis. Included in this textbook is the Task List provided by the The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) ®. This review is not approved nor sanctioned by the BACB. However, if you are using this textbook for studying to pass the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® Examination, or the Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst® Examination, this review is for you.




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